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Leverage the power of video everywhere it matters for your business.

Instant Replay

Provide coaches and officials with a simple way to challenge plays or call games.

Instant Share

Your marketing team can seamlessly capture and instantly share clips of any in-game moment.

Engage Fans, Boost Sponsorship

Unlock additional opportunities for fan engagement and sponsorship placement.

Instant Replay for Officials and Coaches

Extend your team’s video capabilities by pairing Sporfie’s Instant Highlights system with Instant Replay for Officials and Coaches.

Using new or existing cameras, you can set up Sporfie just once and activate it for every future game and practice session. Equipped with an iPad for a simple, intuitive reviewing experience, you can replay any action from multiple camera angles.

Reviewed plays are automatically tagged and stored on our server for unlimited future access by teams or league staff.

Sporfie’s Instant Replay technology is already trusted by professional leagues. Because it was designed to be simple and accessible across the market, Sporfie is able to offer a cost-effective, pro-grade solution to more teams.

Instant Share for Marketers

As a marketer, you know what content your fans want to see most.

Add your team’s live feed, set up additional angles, click to save the action after it happens, and share instantly to your social channels–all without leaving the app.

Fan Engagement

With the Sporfie app, your fans can save the action after seeing it happen live, allowing them to instantly share short clips and react immediately via social media and messaging.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Add your team’s logo on every video, or use this space to create additional value for your sponsors and create new revenue opportunities.


“We love Sporfie at the Stripers. You guys filled a HUGE hole for us. We’re at the Triple-A level, the highest level in MiLB, and you came in and have done wonders for us with your technology.”

Anastasia Hamilton, Social Media Coordinator, Gwinnet Stripers

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