While other video services focus on capturing more, we strive to capture less.
“A lifetime of training for just 10 seconds.” – Jesse Owens

80 years later, and these words still ring true… In the world of sports, everything happens in the seconds.

And in attempts to keep those short-lived memories on video, we had settled for an all-or-nothing approach to filming live events.

Sometimes, we decide to remain present and enjoy the game without our phone in-hand. However, we are inevitably left with a small sting of regret, a voice that says, “I wish I had been filming!”

Or, we take the opposite approach and attempt to film the entire game, watching the action happen through a screen. But what we end up with is a lot of boring hours of footage to sit through, and none of the actual memories.

With the goal of breaking down the barrier between filming the game and living in the moment, Sporfie was born.

As fathers of kids involved weekly in various sports back in Switzerland, we have experienced the problem from the inside. We spent so much time attempting to save our kids’ sports highlights every week, yet we left each game with few memories actually saved on film. Everyone we knew had either too many videos or too few. It was clear to us that something was there to be fixed.

Sporfie’s video-capture platform solves the two major problems that everyone faces universally when it comes to video: the filming pain and the guessing game. We have looked to solve those problems by design, through a combination of sharing anyone’s camera with all others around and capturing only the moments you decide to keep after you’ve seen them happen before your own eyes.

After relocating to Phoenix, Arizona, we began to further realize the scale of this problem in the US youth sports market. We have been privileged to meet hundreds of users in person in recent months, from parents to coaches and professional teams, and their feedback resonates with us daily, fueling our team with the energy we need to ride the journey ahead.

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