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Live Streaming, Replay and Highlights

Mobile-First Setup

Stream your games and practices from anywhere using mobile phones, GoPros, or installed cameras.

No Cost to View

Your family, friends and fans can watch your content for free from anywhere.

Cloud Recorded

Replay, download and share your entire recording from your organization's landing page.


Earn Thousands for Your Program

Free Live Streaming

Our live streaming service is free to organizations that complete a successful fundraising campaign.

Raise Over $20k

Sell ad spots and personal messages to your local community and earn money for your organization.

No Out-of-Pocket Cost

Sign up and we will activate your mobile video service or install cameras at your facility at no cost to you!

Instant Highlights

See It, Then Save It

Save Highlights Anytime

Clip your personal highlights from the sidelines in real-time or when replaying your full footage later.

Replay in Seconds

Capture highlights instantly with one tap of a button and replay them seconds later.

Share Clips Instantly

With native sharing to leading platforms, you can post your best moments right after they happen.

Instant Replay

Sideline Video Review

iPad Review

Allows referees, coaches, and league officials to review any play directly from the sidelines via iPad. 


Replay the past 20 mins of footage from multiple angles, plus zoom in, playback frame by frame, and more.

Real-Time Service Monitoring

Remotely monitor the service and access reviewed plays and highlights in real-time from a web dashboard.


Partner Connections

AI-Powered Analytics and Highlights for Volleyball

Upload your organization's videos directly from Sporfie to your Balltime account to elevate your game and break down film with Smart AI Filters.

Collaborative Coaching Tools for All Sports

Push your videos to CoachLogic to create playlists and add drawings to make your content more engaging and increase learning opportunities.

Clipr Button

Hands-Free Capture

Keep your phone in your pocket and save your best moments with one click of a button.

Capture the Action Free from Your Phone

A wireless Bluetooth button that works with the Sporfie App, giving you the ability to capture hands-free highlights.

North Country Region Vollleyball Logo

“Sporfie’s high-quality streaming, ease of set up, and incredibly low cost per user allowed us to quickly compare their service with others. Sporfie showed itself to be superior. 

Instead of taking video and streaming control away from the people who are most invested, Sporfie invested in what is already happening across most gyms and made the video and streaming experience better for both the person who videos and for the person who views.”

Laura Bush

Executive Director/Region Commissioner | North Country Region – USA Volleyball

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