Say goodbye to “I wish I’d been filming.”

Sporfie pairs technology with teamwork to take the guessing out of filming sporting events.

One Click to Capture

Take your eyes off the screen and put your focus back on the action. With just one click, Sporfie captures the moments you want after they happen.

From One Camera Per Event

Connect just one “active camera” to Sporfie at an event, and all game attendees can remain camera-free while still saving their own videos as they happen.

More Cameras, More Angles

With additional smartphone cameras connected, one click sends multiple clips directly to your device, allowing you to watch highlights from every available angle.

Teamwork On & Off Field

Connect with other parents, coaches, players and fans to crowdsource highlights, to watch the event when you can’t be there, and to create a more united fanbase.

How It Works

How It Works

An image of a phone sharing content

Create a New Event or Join an Existing One

Easily create a new event by adding the event details and a video-equipped smartphone. Or, join an existing event to be automatically connected to any active cameras.

A saving screen of a phone

Click, Save & Replay

Tap the Sporfie button anytime during the game and the past 15 seconds will be shared directly to your device, no filming required. Then share, replay and repeat!

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Replay & Share Your Highlights

After the game ends, Sporfie will compile your saved moments and send your personalized highlight reel via email. You can also view, share or edit your video directly in the app.


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