Sporfie Spotlight: Houston Stellar

Houston Stellar started using Sporfie at the end of their 2021-22 season. After getting their facility installed this summer, they started streaming their practices and games. Once teams were chosen for the 2022-23 season, they kicked their fundraising into gear and the results were incredible.

Keep scrolling to read this testimonial from Houston Stellar Owner, Scott Zanon:

"We had been looking into installing cameras on our courts since COVID hit, so our parents and members could have live streaming of practices, leagues, camps etc. However, the costs associated with this, along with the long timelines, were not in our budget or timing.  

After visiting with Robert at Sporfie and understanding the fundraising component of the program, it was an easy decision. Sporfie installed the cameras within a few weeks at no cost to Houston Stellar. We then shared the free access with our members for the remaining four months with the understanding that we would ask members to sell sponsorships the next season.

The ease of setting up online court schedules along with the quality of the viewing was fantastic. Once we formed teams for our new season, we asked all members to sell at least one sponsorship for the season. The key to our success was that we did not use this as a fundraiser for Houston Stellar, instead we chose to use the program as a way to provide back 95% of all proceeds directly to the families who sold the sponsorships to help offset their club dues.

The results were incredible. Houston Stellar had over 100 families participate, selling over 170 sponsorships and providing nearly $35,000 directly back to families. It was a win-win–our club received quality cameras installed in our gym for no cost, and our club members earned money to help with their club dues.  

The customer service at Sporfie was amazing. Robert, Dave and Jen were fantastic communicators and responded to calls, questions and inquiries in a very timely manner. A huge shoutout and thank you to my friend Adam Ellis at NPJ for introducing me to Robert and Sporfie.  I would recommend that all sports clubs needing online live viewing (with recordings as well) and fundraising work with Sporfie."

Want to learn more about how your volleyball club can live stream and fundraise with Sporfie? Reach out to us at contact@sporfie.com!