What’s New: July 2023

New schedule management

Our new Schedule Management feature offers an integrated UI to manage event scheduling directly in the Web App, replacing the need to edit spreadsheets externally.

The tool provides versatile functionality to accommodate different event scheduling needs.

Users can create events for any future time, edit only the latest event in a given place, and avoid event overlap in a specific location.

The system allows for events to be copied, cut, pasted, and deleted across different schedules.

Additionally, events can be set to repeat based on standard calendar rules, and these repetitions can be easily managed or modified. The schedule adheres to local time and considers Daylight Saving Time changes.

The schedule management also provides conflict management features, alerting users to any schedule overlaps without preventing their creation. This ensures flexibility while maintaining system integrity.

Enhanced Search Suggestions

This feature revamps search suggestions to prioritize organizations at the top, followed by teams and events. The update aims to broaden search results and improve user experience.

1080p Streaming Support

Sporfie now supports high-definition streaming at 1080p resolution, offering an enhanced viewing experience.

Statistics Dashboard for Organization Owners

Sporfie now offers a private "Statistics" tab on the company page, accessible only to the company owner. This feature-rich dashboard includes metrics like total content storage, live viewer counts, event numbers, logos sold, and fundraising amounts.

For questions or support regarding these new features, please reach out to contact@sporfie.com.