What’s New: October 2023

Comment Support

Sporfie now enables users to add a single comment to each video clip, with the option to set the comment as public or private. These comments get embedded as overlays in the generated highlight reels.

Cloud VAR

Sporfie has streamlined its cloud-based VAR by integrating it directly into the Web App interface. Leagues and teams can now access real-time, frame-by-frame video reviews through unique URLs, enhancing both security and accessibility.

The Web App will also support real-time video review uploads when the time bar or control buttons are used in full-screen mode. This provides a seamless and efficient experience, closely mirroring the capabilities of the dedicated VAR App.

Custom Scoreboards

Sporfie now offers Custom Scoreboards, giving specific companies the ability to display tailored score information over their events. This feature lets companies create unique HTML templates for scoreboard layouts, sample scores, and even clickable URLs. Companies can edit one scoreboard per sport and preview it over a sample video, allowing for fine-grained control over how scores are presented.