Like Magic!

Capture video with your phone locked in your bag or pocket.

Turn on Bluetooth to pair your device to the Sporfie App.

Get your "Clipr" button and you'll always be 1-click away from saving the moment

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Join an event, then you can lock your phone or use other apps while capturing moments.

When action strikes, click your Clipr button to capture what just happened

Set your phone as a Sporfie-Camera and... to save moments remotely

Ways to use it

At events with an active Sporfie camera, save highlights in 1-click you can focus on coaching your Team or cheering on your child

You missed the action while doing something else during the game?

Use Clipr to quickly capture and replay what just happened

Capture the action free from your phone





Download the free Sporfie App

Capture video with your phone locked in your bag or pocket.

Like Magic!

Coaches and Parents:

Get your Clipper button and be always 1 click away from saving the moment

Now Available!

Set it up once,

and it will work anytime

Capture the action free from your phone

Ways to use it


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The Sporfie Clipr is a wireless Bluetooth button that works with the Sporfie App, giving you the ability to capture hands-free highlights.

At events having an active Sporfie camera, leave your phone in your bag or pocket and click the button to save the moment that just happened.

When your own device is used as the Sporfie camera, set it on a tripod or anywhere within a 150ft (50m) range, so you too can capture and save your highlights remotely.

Coaches and Parents

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