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Sporfie Team Kit - Hockey Edition ($349) Includes:

includes hardware needed for a two-camera setup that allows highlights to be capturedfrom two angles of your choosing. 

Suction Cup Mount System (x2) with telescopic extension to ensure the best, least-obtrusive camera placement.

Battery Pack (x2) keeps your device charged and filming until the final buzzer.

Wide-Angle Smartphone Lens (x2) allows your device's camera to capture all the action.

Clipr Bluetooth Button (x2) wirelessly captures highlights in one click when your phone is out of reach.

Carrying Case is easy to transport and convenient to store.

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Order your Sporfie Team Kit today!

Starting at $349, the Sporfie Team Kit allows you to mount two smartphones at any ice rink and allow yourself and everyone around to capture video highlights instantly.

For $749, you can order the Sporfie Team Kit, as well as two smartphones dedicated just to capturing highlights for you and your team community.

Recreate the Sporfie experience at every game...

Build Your Own Hockey Starter Kit:

Suction Cup Mount System with smartphone adapter. 

External Battery Pack with mesh case and an adapter that works with your smartphone.

Wide-Angle Smartphone Lens compatible with your device.

...plus, when combined with our Clipr Bluetooth Button, you can wirelessly capture highlights in just one click, even when your phone is out of reach.


Order the pieces listed above individually from our Amazon list and build your own starter kit!

...by creating a Starter Kit using your own equipment (plus our Amazon list)...

...OR purchase the Sporfie Team Kit - Hockey Edition for a permanent, multi-angle setup!

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