How to Use Sporfie: The 5 Key Things You Need to Know to Get Started

Sporfie   •   October 22, 2017

So you’ve downloaded the Sporfie app and created an account, now what?

Here are the top five fundamentals you need to know to get started:

1. An event is visible to everyone around.
When you create a new event in the Sporfie app, it is important to know that events are detected using your device location, meaning that events will be available to anyone nearby.

This is why we highly recommend that you give every event a name that clearly states which teams are playing and includes details that are recognizable to everyone interested in that game.

2. At least ONE camera must be added to an event to begin capturing moments.
Before you can begin saving your highlights, someone at the event must add the first active camera.

Once this first smartphone is added, it will be left behind to watch the game without interruption and serve the needs of everyone.

During the game, everyone who taps to save a clip will receive footage from that shared camera, delivered directly to their own personal device in an instant.

More cameras can be added to capture additional angles, as well, but it is only necessary to activate one to get started.

3. Every camera added is a SHARED camera that delivers video clips to everyone who saves a moment during the game.
If you want to film the game from your perspective using your own device, you can add your smartphone as an additional camera.

**NOTE:** Anytime someone clicks to save a moment, they will receive a 15-second clip from every camera that is connected to the event, including yours.

4. When you click to save a moment, you are capturing the PAST.
Using the Sporfie app, you can finally just enjoy the game as it happens, blocking out the urge to grab your phone whenever one team inches toward the goal.

After you have fully experienced a memorable moment, you decide if that memory is worth saving.

Live the moment in the present, then click the Sporfie button to save the preceding 15 seconds of the game.

5. The event closes automatically 30 minutes after the last active camera is removed.
Once the event has ended and all active cameras have been removed, Sporfie will begin to assemble all your saved clips into one ready-to-share highlight reel.

If you join the event but do not click to save any moments, you will not receive a custom highlight reel. However, you will still be able to access and save everyone else’s clips in your past events.

All good things must come to an end…
…but the moments you capture can live on if you apply these five concepts.

If you have additional questions or need clarification on any of these aspects or anything else in the app, please contact us here.

Your contributions are extremely helpful and important to us as we continue to develop the Sporfie app and enhance the entire experience around it.