Life is a Compilation of Moments

Sporfie   •   September 18, 2017

Moment (n.): “a particular stage in something’s development or in a course of events.”

From the day we’re born to the day we’re gone, events are experienced, emotions are felt, and memories are built. When we look back, the moments are what we remember.

Today’s technologies are available not only to facilitate our lives but also to act as a digital backup for our memories, preserving them from the inevitable passing of time.

Imagine a future where you film nothing, but can save anything.

Imagine you could hit a button and replay the highlights of your life up until now, or select a given year and relive the impactful moments of your child’s life compiled into mere minutes.

With the plethora of technology we carry around daily, we are getting closer to a reality resembling this idea–our lives fully captured and able to replay and share at any point. As technology gets smarter, we will shift from a society that hits a button to start filming, to one where everything is captured and we decide which moments to keep.

The progress of such a paradigm shift relies on a clear distinction being made between filming something and saving something. One could be filming for hours or days, but only hit the trigger once, resulting in keeping just the preceding minute or so.

When this distinction is made between filming and saving, a simpler and less intrusive way of integrating video seamlessly into our lives becomes foreseeable.

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