Live Stream Fundraising

Stream Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.

Raise up to $21k

Using logo space on your live streams, you can sell digital ad spots to your community, providing value to local businesses while earning up to $21,000 for your program.

Keep It Simple

Sell 30 ads, earn $6,300. Sell 50 ads, earn $10,500. Sell 100 ads, earn $21,000. Or just sell enough to cover your streaming cost.

Free Live Streaming

Our live streaming service when paired with Sporfie Raise (like a digital billboard) gives you the ability to fundraise and get your live streaming free forever.


"Once we formed teams for our new season, we asked all members to sell at least one sponsorship for the season. The results were incredible. Houston Stellar had over 100 families participate, selling over 170 sponsorships and providing nearly $35,000 directly back to families. It was a win-win–our club received quality cameras installed in our gym for no cost, and our club members earned money to help with their club dues.

 I would recommend that all sports clubs needing online live viewing (with recordings as well) and fundraising work with Sporfie."

Scott Zanon

Owner, Houston Stellar Volleyball Club