Video Highlights Powered by “Sideline Parents”

Sporfie   •   August 26, 2017

Week after week, parents gather on the sidelines to watch their kids’ games. Once in a while, some take out their cameras and start filming, hoping that something interesting will happen while they are recording.

Others, worried about missing the best moments, commit to capture the entire game, only to realize that they have lived the game entirely through a screen.

We see this pattern, again and again, no matter the sport, league, state or country. It is such a recurring problem, yet it continues to remain unsolved even with all of today’s condensed, pocketable filming technologies.

This is where the power of “sideline parents” comes into play.

Let’s take a look at the solution using the real-life example we discussed here.

If there are 20 parents at one game, there are most likely 20 video-equipped smartphones at the game as well.

It takes just one of these smartphones to solve two problems at once: Get rid of the filming pain for 19 parents and remove the guesswork for all 20.

As one device is set up with the Sporfie app, everyone around can live the game off the screen, clicking in the Sporfie app to save moments after they happen.

When the game ends, every parent and coach can walk out of the game with their own personal highlights ready to replay and share.

Parents who have kids on the same team or involved in the same sports meet week after week, share pre-game chats, in-game cheers, and post-game comments. If that group could agree to share just one smartphone camera to film the game, everyone could be freed from the pain of filming independently, while still receiving personal video highlights of every game.

Download the Sporfie mobile app to create an event that is automatically visible to everyone around, add a shared camera, and invite parents to join your event. From there, everyone can live in the moment and click to capture their kid’s highlights.

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