What We Learned from Our User Feedback Survey

Sporfie   •   May 15, 2018

Last month, we sent out an NPS survey to our users with the goal of finding out how they would improve the Sporfie platform, what features they would most like to see, and which areas we need to work on most.

We are very excited to address some of the many comments we received and discuss what we have been working on in response to our user feedback!

Below are some of the most common answers we got when we asked the question: “If you could wave a magic wand, how would you improve Sporfie?”

A few things we’re working on behind-the-scenes related to your feedback

“Have it at every location, every region tournament and such.”

A new program is in development that will help bring Sporfie to more events, tournaments, and venues.

Additional information on this program will be released in the coming months–stay tuned for details!

“Sometimes doesn’t work due to wifi issues, so improving that would be nice.”

We understand the significant impact that connection problems can have on the overall experience of our users. Our engineering team is hard at work on improvements that will help remedy these issues and make our service less dependent on network quality.

We are hopeful that these improvements will be ready to implement in Fall 2018.

Features we should have explained better or may not have told you about

“I wish it recorded a little longer than 15 seconds.”

By pressing the button again within 5 seconds of your initial click, you can actually extend your video, up to 40 total seconds.

“Make it easier to search clips after the event.”

On app versions 1.4 and above, a new Search feature has been enabled, which allows anyone to find past events by name, location, label, or sport type.

One important thing to note: events with little or no content (typically less than 5 clips) will not appear in search results. This is meant to filter out test events that some users create early on.

In this same update, we also introduced new ways to discover sports moments, adding another element of community to the Sporfie platform. Now on the app home screen, you will notice a “Most Popular Videos” section. Here users can see what their fellow Sporfie fans are capturing & replaying!

Highly-requested features coming soon to the Sporfie app

“Make it easier to tag recordings.”

A personal/custom tagging feature will be coming soon, as well as a more intuitive way to tag goals, sets, and/or other in-game actions.

“Add the ability to zoom in while watching the playback.”

The ability to zoom in on your videos has recently been implemented in the app and should be released in our next update!

Is there something else you’d like to see from us? We want to hear more! Talk to our team here.